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Second Amendment right to bear arms

May 17th 2014

Six years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court held in District of Columbia versus Heller that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects an individual’s right to bear firearms. This decision was significant, in that some cases had held that the right to bear firearms was a collective right. These cases held that the  Read more…

Gun n flag

Senator Mark Leno proposes cell phone kill switch

April 2nd 2014

A bill introduced by California Senator Mark Leno was approved by the Senate Energy Utilities & Communications Committee yesterday. If passed, it would be the first of its kind in the nation. It would require cell phone and tablet manufacturers to include a “kill switch” in portable devices, which would enable consumers to remotely deactivate  Read more…

Rap song or confession to murder?

March 27th 2014

I read in the New York Times today about Antwain Steward from Newport News, Virginia. Mr. Steward was arrested for an unsolved double murder, based on little more than rap lyrics from a video he performed on YouTube which went, “But nobody saw when I smoked him. Roped him, sharpened up the shank, then I  Read more…

SF cops and Fairfield coroner suspected of misconduct

February 27th 2014

A federal grand jury on Thursday indicted 6 SF police officers on public corruption charges. They are alleged to have falsified police reports, entered rooms at SRO’s without probable cause, and stolen residents’ belongings. The indictment is the culmination of an investigation which began in 2011 when the SF Public Defender’s Office released video surveillance  Read more…

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