Domestic Violence

The State of California considers domestic violence a serious problem. In the past, the police would not arrest a man or a woman in a domestic dispute in the absence of clear evidence of serious abuse. Now, police action at domestic violence calls is dictated by a strict agenda which requires the police to arrest a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, if one or the other has any visible injury on them.Domestic_Violence The police take very brief statements and with almost no real deliberation, decide that the injured person is the victim and the non-injured person is a suspected domestic abuser. This can result in the aggressive pursuit of a domestic violence case even when the evidence is scanty. Sometimes, a domestic abuse charge is used as leverage in a divorce or child custody case or as a malicious means to settle a score between jilted lovers. A domestic violence conviction can have serious consequences, however. A judgment of conviction for domestic violence usually requires a mandatory one-year class, an order to stay away from the victim, and weapons restrictions. It can also affect a divorce or child custody case. For a free and confidential consultation about a domestic violence charge, please call Alanna D. Coopersmith at (510) 628-0596.