Practice Areas

Criminal Defense
If you are questioned by the police, tell them that you do not want to speak to them until you have spoken to an attorney. Contact experienced criminal defense counsel.
Alanna D. Coopersmith represents individuals accused of a variety of criminal activity. She has the knowledge and diligence to pursue an aggressive defense, whether through pre-trial motions, trial, or a plea bargain agreement, and keeps you informed and involved in your defense at every stage.

Criminal Appeals

The importance of getting the best lawyer you can initially cannot be stressed enough. But sometimes, even if you do, you get a conviction or punishment that you do not feel you deserve. There can be many reasons. You must file a notice of appeal right away. A criminal appeal is technical and fact specific. You should consult a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in appeals to let you know what issues there may be to raise on appeal. Alanna Coopersmith has experience bringing criminal appeals. In addition, her previous life as a commercial litigator gives her a background in the tools of written advocacy that not many criminal defense lawyers possess.

DUI/ Drunk Driving

Defending against driving under the influence charges requires competence and skill in handling scientific evidence and expert testimony. Despite popular belief, field sobriety tests are not scientific. Even breath tests and blood tests can be inaccurate as indicators of whether a person was impaired or was above the legal blood-alcohol limit when driving. For these reasons, and because a DUI has driver’s-license and insurance consequences, it is important for a person arrested for DUI to consult a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

DMV Proceedings

Wrongful decisions by DMV can have an enormous impact. For commercial drivers, suspension of a license puts their livelihood in jeopardy. For everyone else, it is an inconvenience. And driving on a license that has been revoked or suspended is a criminal offense. Alanna D. Coopersmith helps people get their licenses restored and represents individuals in hearings and appeals challenging their license suspensions.


A criminal record is an obstacle to gaining employment, housing, public benefits, even an education. There are ways to clean up your rap sheet. Among them: sealing an arrest record; dismissing a criminal conviction; reducing a felony to a misdemeanor; and obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation and pardon. We advise on what options are available and provide prompt and cost-effective record cleansing service.

Restraining Orders

Alanna D. Coopersmith represents clients defending against restraining orders or seeking to modify/vacate restraining orders that are unjust or no longer serve their original purpose.