The crime of bookmaking is illegal iunder Section 337a of the California Penal Code. “Bookmaking” is defined broadly. It can include the acceptance of even a single bet. Thus, you don’t have to work as a bookie or keep a book of bets or wagers to be charged with bookmaking. In fact, you can be charged with bookmaking or a similar crime for holding or forwarding a bet.

Gambling is also generally illegal in California. While gambling is often charged as an infraction, it is a felony or misdemeanor if large amounts of money are involved (over $2,500) or if it is done on-line. A prosecution for bookmaking can also involve the seizure of large volumes of documents and claims by the government for forfeiture of proceeds.

If your are being investigated or are arrested for gambling or bookmaking, you have the right to remain silent. Contact experienced criminal defense attorney Alanna D. Coopersmith at 510-628-0596.