Child Pornography

The production, the distribution, and even merely possession of child pornography require lifetime mandatory registration as a sex offender under California Penal Code Section 290. This requirement applies not only when the minor depicted is a young child, but even when the minor is 17. It applies regardless of whether the minor was exploited in the making of the child pornography or rather (as often happens) has voluntarily taken the pictures and posted them on a website like Redbook or Craigslist.

Because child pornography is a felony for which a conviction leads not only to prison, but to mandatory registration, it is important that a skilled criminal defense attorney be retained. A criminal defense attorney who has experience handling child pornography and other sex offenses will research and investigate legal defenses in your case; among them: that you didn’t know that the minor was under age 18; you didn’t know the images were in your possession; the images/videos are not pornographic; and entrapment.

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