Rhodena P.

My son was involved in a traffic accident with great bodily injury. He was looking at a felony on his record and 6 years in prison. Our attorney brought in Alanna for the trial. Even though (as a mom) my heart was in my throat, I could tell that Alanna was having a very positive effect on the jury. Alanna very clearly pointed out what he was being charged with and how the DA hadn’t met the burden of proof. Alanna used visuals to help the jury understand reasonable doubt. On cross examination she was able to show that even the arresting officer felt the other party was at fault. For everything the DA brought to the table Alanna was able to counter. Needless to say, the jury found my son NOT GUILTY.

Thank you Alanna for everything you did to bring this trial to a positive end. I can breathe again. I highly recommend Ms Alanna Coopersmith if you ever find yourself or a loved one in legal trouble.

She will be by your side through every step! Thank you Alanna!

John D.

Alanna did an excellent job on my DUI case when all other lawyers had failed me. From our initial meeting, I knew she was the one. Her optimistic, aggressive approach to my case put all my worries at ease, along with the endless research dedicated to my case keeping me fully informed of all my options. She came highly recommended by the Alameda County Bar association and she gets the job done!!! Her diligence with challenging the District Attorney in my jury trail, went above and beyond, which resulted in my case being acquitted. Even after her job was done, she continued to be available for information which resulted in me getting my Drivers license back. Alanna is a WINNER!!!!

Rachel A.

Alanna did a great job of handling a potential criminal case against me. I contacted her while I was under investigation, before any charges were pressed. She acted immediately on my behalf and told me that, although she could make no promises, she felt confident she could get the issue addressed, without public record.

While working on my case, Alanna made it so that I never had to deal with the Investigator directly. She quite literally represented me throughout. And although she could have made more money if she had let the case go to trial, she succeeded in getting the matter settled quickly, without charges, and at a very fair price.

Alanna responded to all my communication promptly and spoke/emailed in a way that made me feel reassured. Her approach was always kind, yet thorough and direct. I could definitely see that she would be a formidable attorney in court or at trial, but because of her proactive nature, I never had to go that far.

I highly recommend Alanna.

Jason S.

Alanna D. Coopersmith helped me get the help I needed to fix the mess I had made of my life. She was so dedicated in not letting me give up on myself. She saw the good in me instead of focusing on my previous record. She also helped me get into A 2 year program called Delancey Street Foundation where I was able to make the needed changes to better myself and live a better life. The judge did not want me to be released to the program but she insisted that he release me and she even picked me up and escorted me to the program and I graduated in 2019.

She goes above and beyond for her clients and will never give up. Ms Coopersmith cares and she is the true meaning of heaven sent!!!