Cargos de conspiración

Conspiracy is an agreement to commit a crime. Conspiracy charges are extremely serious and may result in a person facing the same penalties as for the underlying crime itself, even if the person is not the one who carried out the crime. When two or more people agree to commit a crime and take some additional step or action in furtherance of the conspiracy, this constitutes the crime of conspiracy. You don’t have to complete the crime to be found guilty. You don’t even need to know all of the people involved in the conspiracy. All the prosecutor has to show is that you got together with someone else and planned to commit a crime, and that someone took some action in furtherance of the conspiracy. If you are found guilty of a conspiracy offense, you can be held accountable for the whole, entire conspiracy. If you are facing conspiracy charges, please contact Alanna D. Coopersmith at (510) 628-0596 for a free consultation.