Hit & Run

Hit & Run It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident, whether the accident involves physical injury or property damage. The crime is commonly known as “hit & run.” When a driver is involved in an accident that causes physical injury to someone else and knows it is probable that someone else was injured, the driver must perform certain duties – among them: stop immediately; render reasonable assistance to the person injured; give name and address and certain other information to the other driver and a peace officer; and, upon request by the other driver or peace officer, show a copy of his or her driver’s license. (Vehicle Code 20003) When an accident damages another’s property and the driver knows it is probable there has been property damage, the driver must stop immediately and provide the owner of the damaged property name and address and, if requested, present driver’s license and insurance; and if the owner is not around, locate the owner or leave his name and address and a description of the accident in a conspicuous place on the vehicle and notify the police. (Vehicle Code 20002)

A hit and run conviction adds points to your driving record. It’s also a crime. If you have been charged with hit and run, please contact Alanna D. Coopersmith at (510) 628-0596 for a free consultation.