Delitos de fraude

-Staged accidents.

-Paper accidents which never actually occurred.

-Fraud in mortgages and lending.

-White-collar crime.

-Securities fraud.

-Medical treatment fraud.

-Insurance fraud.

-Fraudulent claims by auto body repair shops.

-Bogus wills conjured by angry relatives.

-Feigned or staged automobile thefts.

It is difficult to count the many varieties of fraud. Persons charged with fraud often have no previous criminal record and so the Federal or State criminal charges come as a shock and threaten to ruin their reputations and alter their lives. To prove a person is guilty of fraud, the DA must establish the person’s state of mind at the time of the offense. If you are charged with or believe you are suspected of a fraud-related offense, do not talk to anyone about your case. Contact experienced criminal defense counsel Alanna D. Coopersmith at (510) 628-0596.