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New California Law, AB 1950, Shortens Probation

Effective as law on January 1 of 2021, California Assembly Bill 1950 places strict limits on the length of probation. For most misdemeanor cases, probation may be not longer than 1 year. For most felony cases, probation may be not longer than 2 years. Some offenses are an exception to these time limitations, so consult with an attorney.

This criminal-justice reform is a win, win. Defendants will not have to linger on probation for years and follow a matrix of intrusive restrictions long after their crime has been committed. Probation officers will see a reduction in their caseload, meaning that they can focus their time and energy on those who need it most. Finally, taxpayers will save money.

Practice Tip –

If you received a sentence prior to January 1, 2021 of more than 1 year of probation for a misdemeanor offense or more than 2 years of probation for a felony offense, you may be entitled to a reduction in sentence. Consult with an attorney.

DO NOT wait until after a gun or drugs are found in your car during a probation search, to challenge your probation and claim that probation should have ended!

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