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Bad Cops: Looks Like The Fox is Guarding the Hen House

We do not yet know the full extent of the corruption among law enforcement in Contra Costa County. Four current and former cops are facing criminal charges. The allegations against these dirty officers are so colorful that the criminal complaints read like a novel by John Grisham. Operating a brothel. Gaming the family court system by arresting for DUI the husbands of women who hired ex-police officers as investigators. Turning around and selling the narcotics that were confiscated from street dealers.
Meanwhile at the San Francisco PD, the latest cop blooper caught on video tape is that an officer carried out of the house of a person he was arresting a duffel bag containing coffee, clothing, and Tequila. The items were never booked as evidence or property. It’s suspected the officers stole them. This disgrace comes on the heels of the discovery of other video tapes that revealed unconstitutional searches and police officer perjury. (See Video of SOMA Drug Busts Expose Police Misconduct and Perjury and SF Drug Cases Tossed in the Face of Video Evidence Again)
More needs to be done at the top of the pyramid in police departments, sheriff’s offices, district attorney’s offices and courts in order to create an environment in which those who abuse their power no longer flourish.

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