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How do defendants on appeal benefit from three strikes reform?

January 11th 2014

In November of 2012, California voters passed Proposition 36 known as “the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012.” Proposition 36 made it so that a defendant with two prior strikes who commits a felony offense will no longer be sentenced to life in prison unless the new felony is a serious or violent felony or  Read more…

Obama considers recommendations of surveillance review board

December 16th 2013

The review group on government surveillance practices just released its report to the White House. The task force was appointed by President Obama to review government intelligence-gathering practices in the wake of the revelations by Edward Snowden of massive mining of individuals’ email and cell phone data. The White House will review the forty or  Read more…

Alameda Board of Supervisors approve house arrest

December 3rd 2013

It’s been frustrating for defendants and their loved ones, but some judges in Alameda County have taken the position that electronic home detention is not an alternative to county jail. These judges reason that if the judge has discretion in deciding the punishment, then electronic home detention is an option. But if the offense contains  Read more…

Case empowers police officer whistleblowers

October 30th 2013

The Ninth Circuit has decided an important employment law case. In Dahlia v. Rodriguez, the court held that a Burbank police officer who complained about police misconduct by fellow police officers could bring a lawsuit for employment retaliation. The plaintiff in Dahlia was assigned to assist a robbery investigation. He observed other officers beating and  Read more…

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